Eyes care tips

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eyes care tipsThere is no doubt that the eyes are the mirror of beauty and the 1st thing seen by others.

The delicate skin around the eyes is the first to suggest age, in addition to dark circles and puffiness.

They need to be careful because they are thinner than the rest of the skin of your face, and therefore less able to retain moisture.

As well as less sebaceous glands in this region, which increases the possibility of dry, and lacking the fatty layer under the skin to act as shock absorbers. The result is that these skin quickly lose their elasticity.

Eyes care tips

Below are some important daily eyes care tips for men and women’s.

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1. Drink 6 glasses of water at least a day. Pour mineral water on your face several times before putting cream or makeup.

Cleanse your face well of makeup before going to sleep, taking into account the use of creams nutritious.

2. Make sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables permanently. Must get an ample amount of sleep at least 7 hours a day.

3. Frequent suture (grins) cause wrinkles in the face and around the eyes or smiling Permanent, it prevents wrinkles and simplifies the facial muscles. Do work facial exercises daily to get the full desired result.

4. Eat lettuce and carrots to strengthen consideration and that the clear winners for their “vitamin A“. Used parsley juice (2 drops in each eye) 3 times a day to get rid of conjunctivitis.

  • Also used boiled parsley (grip it in a liter of water) to work compresses placed on the eyes to remove the pain.
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5. Use boiled lettuce paper plus rosewater for relief of tired eyes and swollen eyelids treatment. Store creams in the fridge because cold also help reduce swelling.

6. Put 2 slices of cucumber or 2 pieces of sliced ​​potatoes on your eyes for 20 minutes. Rest about 15 minutes after tea bags over your eyes. Served in tea bags reduce swelling under the eyes.

7. Fill a small bowl with iced water or cold milk. Soak cotton wool with the liquid bandage and lie down after putting bandages on your eyes. Replace dressings as soon as it becomes warm. Keep going for 15 minutes.

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This eyes care tip will make the whites of the eyes brighter and brighter.

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Eyes care tips in Urdu

Eyes care tips in Urdu

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