Facial care tips

facial skin care tipsA substantial part of the appearance of the skin is on the inside. Poor digestion, climate change, lack of exercise or oxygen are also opponents of good looks.

  • Proper diet, nutrition and care is very important with healthy sleep and inner balance.

Here below we write some facial tips for men and women, with these facial care tips you can know that how to care dry, oily and normal skin.

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Facial care tips

For facial skin, daily facial skin care is required, for that purpose you can use moisturizers, care creams and homemade masks for all skin types.

1. Use soap only on smooth skin that is neither too fat nor too dry. The face always rinse finally with plenty of water.

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2. For dry or sensitive skin, the use of a cleansing milk is recommended.

  • For each face type, washing creams and foam are suitable for facial cleansing.

3. Face water again recommended for use on oily and blemished skin. For dry skin is strongly discouraged from using face water because the skin is additionally dried up.

Face facial lotion

As standard equipment, the use of a day and night cream is recommended. The day cream should have a very high moisture content, then it forms on the skin with a protective film against desiccation and environmental influences.

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It is recommended that the day cream contains a UV filter that protects against sun and skin aging. When the skin stretches after cleaning and feels dry, evening, apply the night cream.

  • If the skin is oily or impure, will usually be unnecessary to apply a night cream. All creams apply only generally thin.

Shows very short time after applying the cream again a sense of tension on the skin, use of a cream is recommended with more fat content.

  • If high fat cream used, so the excess fat should be wiped with a cotton ball for about 15 minutes after applying cream on face.

Facial care tips in Urdu

Facial tips in Urdu

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