Milk and honey facial masks

face masks recipesFacial masks are the important and old method that is used from years for facial skin care. Facial masks are too easy to prepare and you can get every thing that is need for making facial mask from your kitchen. Women can make cheap and effective homemade facial masks at home with our homemade milk and honey facial masks recipes.

So below we submitted milk and honey facial masks recipes for all skin types. These homemade facial masks are not only cheap and effective, also have no side effect on any skin type.

Homemade facial masks

1. If you want to prepare the facial mask for all skin types then take 1 tsp egg yolk, half tsp vinegar, 8 tsp sugar and olive oil according to you need. Now make the paste of all the things and preserve it and apply on ally type of skins twice weekly.

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2. Mix egg yolk, vinegar and sugar shake them well. Add drop by drop olive oil and mix the paste until the mixture get thick and on ticking the mixture become yellow and preserved it in air tight bottle.

3. Apply the mixture on your facial skin and rub with your fingers. clean the extra paste from facial skin with tissue paper Use this paste as soon as possible because if you put it for long time the mixture get spoil. Banana and honey mask is also good for facial skin.

Milk and honey facial masks

1. Mix 2 tsp milk and 2 tsp honey and make the paste of these things. Apply this mixture on face and neck for 10 minutes and after that wash it with lukewarm water.

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2. For wrinkle and acne skin mix and make paste of Oatmeal flour, milk and honey. Apply this past on your face and neck and after 15 minutes wash it with lukewarm water. Be aware that mask should not apply on lips and eyes.

3. After you apply mask on your face put cucumber slices on your eyes. Cucumber give cool effects to you eyes and can be useful for lighting of dark circles around eyes. At last apply Rose Sap as toner or if you have pimples on your facial skin then first take the ice message and then apply Rose Sap.

Tips for message

1. The message should be start from neck region from downward to upward side. Put your finger in that manner you one finger at the top of upper lip and three are on chin. Now move the right hand on right side of face and in same manner on left side with left hand.

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2. The movement of fingers on face should be circular and rotatory. Do the message around the nose area with the thumb and around eyes with the index finger. In cleansing and scrubbing you should do message in same way for 3 times.

Facial masks in Urdu

Facial masks in urdu

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