Hair care masks

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hair care masksWhether curly, straight, short or long, Is the hairs neat, each hair style looks simply beautiful. However, proper hair care is not always easy.

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When shampooing, this motto is totally out of place. Because of frequent washing dries out the hair and an already burdened even more strained mane.

Who wants to work with a lot of shampoo and conditioner, only makes things worse. For both cut off the scalp much fat and the mantle of the scalp is attacked by the intensive wash program.

Thus, frequent washing strain the hair and suddenly make the wrong place for care radiant shine for dull, flaky and ruff. We call the largest hair care tips and give hair care masks for beautiful and shiny hair.

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Hair care masks

You can spend a lot of money on hair care products and it often receives a disturbing mixture of synthetic and chemical ingredients.

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Hair care masks are best for dry, dull, oily and sensitive hairs daily care. You can cure dry and rough hairs, also these hair care masks are best for dandruff free scalp.

1. Almost olive oil, honey and eggs are available in our homes. Take all the ingredients and make their paste and preserved it in air tight glass bottle. Now apply the mask daily on your hairs for 3 minutes.

2. If you suffer in hair loss then wash your hairs with Amla and soap nut. This tip is best for hair loss treatment.

3. Evey time when you apply the hair care mask you should cover you scalp with shower cap. You can wash your hairs with common shampoos if they are not falling.

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4. Take coconut oil or cream and message your hairs for 15 to 20 minutes. Now take hot towel and twisted it around your hairs. After 1 hour wash with shampoo.

5. Mix 1 cup honey with 1 cup almond oil along with that add 1 tsp glycerin and 1 tsp vinegar. Make a past of these ingredients and apply it on your hairs for 15 minutes.

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On drying mask wash it with lukewarm water.

Hair care masks in Urdu

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