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Feet care tipsIf you want to make your feet soft and healthy then you should give them home pedicure. You have to wash your feet with water and soap twice daily, also message your feet with any moisturizing cream to put them soft and healthy.

You can also pedicure to your feet, it is essential to pedicure your feet once weekly. When we didn’t pay attention on our feet then dirt and dust make layer on your feet and make cracked on your toes which put negative impact on your feet beauty.

Here below you can read home pedicure tips. You should have to give a look to these home pedicure tips and fallow them for getting healthy, clean and soft feet.

Home pedicure

For doing pedicure on feet you have required bathtub, lukewarm Water, nail filer, nail polish remover, orange sticks, cuticle feet scrub cotton batch and towel.


1. First you should have to clean the nail polish from nails with nail polish remover.

2. Now make proper shape of your nails with nail filer.

3. Now add lemon juice in half fill lukewarm water tub and put your feet in it. Clean dirt and dead skin cells around your nails with orange strips.

4. At last clean dirt and cracked skin from your toes by rubbing foot scrub on toes. Apply nourishing or care cream on you feet to put them soft, clean and healthy.

Homemade Feet care tips

1. Start your home foot care program best with a foot-bath. This relaxes and prepares for the subsequent home pedicure. If your feet are tired and worn, bath salt helps with eucalyptus, rosemary and spruce. Foot-bath with olive oil softens dry skin supple and soft again.

2. Exfoliating products contain salt crystals, seaweed micro fine particles or mud. As a result, they continue to refine the skin, remove dead skin cells and increase metabolic activity. Massaging in a circular motion supports this effect.

Home pedicure tips in Urdu

Feet care tips in Urdu

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