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dry lips care tipsLips are one of the finest facilities of our face. Soft and squishy lips brings appeal to our appearance and give us the much needed attraction.

It is therefore imperative that we take the greatest care of our lips. Lip balm for chapped lips care is even more important.

However, licking the lips is an important factor for dry lips. You might not only enjoy the beauty of the face, but if left untreated can cause severe pain.

Most people are in the habit of smacking tongue most of the time. It is a habit that they are in fact ignorant off.

Dry lips care tips

There are different types of products, the lip are available in the market for dry lips but below are few effective tips for chapped and dry lips care.

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1. Lips care products are supposed to be good in the provision of moisturizer on the lips. They consist of Shea butter and avocado oil.

They are not greasy and hence you can apply for them all day around your lips for keeping them soft.

2. Cosmetics maker offers a variety of lip balm, that works wonders on the lips. Their moisturizer and alleviate the pain caused by dry lips.

Lip Scuff is another interesting product, although it looks like a lipstick, but it has natural exfoliants that are good in providing softness to the lips.

3. If you want to try lip balm for dry lips on vanilla flavor, then surely “Vitamin E” lip care is intended for you. The essential aspect is that it comes with SPF 15th.

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Extra tips

Some extra and important dry lips care tips are as fallows:

If you find cracking of the lips at the corner of the mouth then needs immediate medical attention and should not be left untreated.

If it is accompanied by pain or inflammation, then you must consult a doctor or it could lead to cracks near the sides of the mouth that could really cause pain.

At times, to a bacterial infection or fungal infection that cause such cracking of lips and this is only cured with proper medical care.

Dry lips care tips in Urdu

Dry lips care tips in Urdu

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