Lips care tips in urdu

lips care tipsDelicate lips are not natural, but can only be achieved with regular care. Since lips daily UV radiation are exposed, they can, just like the rest of the skin to age prematurely, if they are not regularly supplied with a suitable care. Even in winter, lips need a little extra care, because it does not have its own oil production and therefore have to be particularly fast brittle in cold weather. Care lips and prevent chapped lips from the things of interest to many of the girls, especially with the changing seasons of the year where drought occurs in lips skin. here we give you some lips care tips as well as beauty tips for lips care in urdu for your lips.

Lips care tips

1.   Giving attention to moisturizing cream lips to moisturize the lips and prevent dryness, especially during the cold and dry days and in places where heating increase the appearance of dryness and chapped lips.

2.   Striving to drinking water a day to hydrate lips and drink natural juices of others adorned. Lip cosmetics must be free of alcohol and its derivatives so as not to cause more chapped and dry lips.

3. Use natural lip moisturizers such as cocoa butter and glycerin before going to sleep during the day to maintain hydration lips constantly.

4.   Smoking factors that cause dry lips and also caused lips cancer in women. When you see some white bags on the lips or unnatural things you should consult a doctor immediately.

5.   Regularly conducted peeling provide beautiful soft lips. For this purpose you can simply mix a few home remedies for lips care from the kitchen and use it as a scrub. Well suited, for example, a mixture of honey, oil and sugar.

6.   Simply rub in circular motion and wash off or licking of the lips that’s it! Chapped lips are a thing of the past thanks to the peeling and your partner will benefit from it while kissing.

Lips care tips in urdu

lips care tips in urdu for you

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