Basic makeup tips

basic makeup tipsNow a days makeup is an essential trend every women want to look beautiful and attractive weather in her social or business life with light or dark makeup (read bridal makeup tips).

Beauty is God gifted thing but you can put some passion and more attraction with makeup in you natural beauty.

Women used different types of makeup tricks to made them beautiful. Basically makeup is used on face and eyes with different colors shades in light and dark color also according to festivals and occasions (read eid makeup tips).

  • Makeup remove the sings of age, depression and tiredness from your face and give you fresh and attractive look.

Here I would like to mention basic makeup tips and basic makeup tips in Urdu for you, I hope you like our these quick makeup tips and can make yourself more attractive and beautiful.

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Basic makeup tips

1. Make you skin soft and clean it gently with lotion or cream before applying the makeup.

  • If you you have oily skin (read oily skin care tips) then you can used the creams for oily skin to reduce the grace from your skin.

2. First of all foundation is used before the makeup because foundation make the dry skin soft and provided the moisture. At best you are using a powder puff.

  • The powder puff you press gently into the skin. So your makeup is evenly and lasts much longer.

3. In order to find the right shade, the foundation should be a little lighter than your skin tone. So you avoid that the foundation is unattractive borders. With a little test you check easily whether the chosen foundation adapts to your complexion.

  • Carrying on a droplet of the foundation on your neck or the side chin. May be recognized immediately if the shade matches your skin tone.
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4. Hide the sings of pimples, wrinkles and dark spots from your face if they are present. Apply the foundation on all the face, neck and around the throat. Clean the extra foundation with tissue paper.

5. Our eyes are the windows to the soul, For green or hazel green eyes are better than your eye shadow color. To make your eyes (read eye makeup tips) really light up the feeling of a deep khaki or forest green.

  • Brown, eye shadow apricot, purple, plum and also improve your eye color.

6. At last used mascara on your eye lashes, used light or pink lipstick on your lips, and set you hair in any style that you like. If you want to let your hairs (read hair care tips) free the straight them with straightener and brush them from top to bottom.

  • Now your basic makeup has been complete and you are ready.
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Basic makeup tips in Urdu

Basic makeup tips in urdu

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