Eye makeup tips

eye makeupThe basis for a perfect eye makeup are fat eyelids. Old makeup residues must be carefully removed. You can also easily scatter the eyelids with translucent powder, so keep eye shadow and mascara better.

To the eyes appear bigger and brighter for it is bright eyeliner apply on the lower eyelid. That might not always be just a white eyeliner looks harsh and unnatural quickly.

Here are few eye makeup tips of the makeup professionals about eye makeup. By adopting these eye makeup tips you can give perfect look to your eyes with makeup.

Eye makeup tips

1. Griffin on rose colored eyeliner back, conjures the large, bright eyes in a natural way. In the evening when the colors may be a little more intense, you can instead use a pink metallic stylus.

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2. When you apply eye shadow dark colors shrink, enlarge bright colors. Do you want to visually enlarge your eyes, give with a foam applicator on the upper eyelid and the darker eye shadow color under the eyebrows is the lighter eye shadow color. Both colors are slightly blurred when applied to any hard transitions can occur.

3. The mascara are you wearing right attaches to you by the mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and then threading tail to the tips.

  • The movements should be light jogging, all eyelashes are wrapped evenly with mascara.

4. Inks way, one should not only top lashes, but also the bottom. The addition opens the view. So you maximum enjoyment from his mascara has pumping movements when passing the brush into the container, avoid. Thus, unnecessary air is pumped into the vial and the mascara dries faster.

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5. One last tip form the perfect eye makeup tips for eyes makeup. The makeup looks even better when it is framed in the form of clean plucked eyebrows. At the moment, you wear the brows back naturally.

  • This means that the eyebrows are not plucked the form of lines, but the natural growth habit is maintained. And who does not want to resort to getting extra mascara to the eyelashes should the beauty lash staining beautify.

Eye makeup tips in Urdu

Eye makeup tips in Urdu

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