Summer eye makeup tips

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Summer eye makeup tipsIn the summer season eyes makeup must be hard makeup exams.

Sea water, sweat, wind and long evenings at the bar with beauty lash colored eyelashes and eyebrows guarantee the perfect look around the clock.

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For summer eyes makeup artists usually give importance to use light color for beauty and attractive look because darker color put negative effect on your personality and beauty in summer. Also due to extreme hot weather eye shades color can expend on your eye lashes.

Summer eye makeup tips

Know how can you do eye makeup in summer, for attractive and good looking eyes.

1. Whether at the beach, beach volleyball, diving and sipping cocktails and dancing salsa, this summer is set to a long lasting, perfect style value. All the better if this is about not only the day but also at night.

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2. With the beauty lash staining for home use, eyelashes and eyebrows are perfectly styled around the clock.

  • For the coloring gives not only fantastically long and thick eyelashes, but is also absolutely smudge-proof and waterproof, smudge, trickles and not glued.

3. Colored with beauty lash eyelashes are not only longer, they also get more volume and shine. Suitable for personal type, there is the staining black, blue black, brown and light brown in color.

4. Since the UV radiation eyelashes and eyebrows dries and makes it brittle and dull, it is recommended that the new nightly beauty lash conditioning gel, a nourishing conditioner gel based applied.

  • It donates its rich ingredients such as vitamin E and D-panthenol long lasting moisture, protects the eyelashes and eyebrows and gives them a nice shine.

5. The frayed hairs are strengthened, nourished the hair root intense, allowing optimal growth.

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Thus, the natural length can unfold and the eyelashes stay long, supple, strong and healthy.

Summer eye makeup tips in Urdu

Summer eye makeup tips in Urdu

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