Nails care tips

Nail care tipsNail is a form thicker and hardness of the skin layer and forms is only a more solid mat and thicker than the upper layer of the skin and nails consist of dead cells which in turn consists of a strong type of keratin. Now a days women give attention on natural nails as compared to artificial ones and the small nails become as an fashion trend.

Maintaining the health and beauty of nails is essential for an attractive appearance, and because the nails are sensitive part of the body, always required necessary proper care in order to look healthy and attractive. Here below we submit nails care tips, nails care tips in Urdu for you, you can get benefit from our nails care tips and make you nails more beautiful and attractive if your nails are ugly.

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Nails care tips

1. On drying of nails use any type of pink nail polish on your nails. You can buy “French manicure” set for you proper nail care. The use of acetone to remove nail polish offered for dryness and cracking and its use should be avoided on nail.

2. Rub you nail with cotton pad to bring out the natural color and shine of your nails. This process is known as “Puffing” and by doing so the flow of blood under nails get fast and your nail look beautiful and transparent.

3. If you receive pain and irritation while you are doing “Puffing” on nail then it means that you are doing puffing in deep manner. Doing so can break and damage your nails and you should apply quality cream on you hands.

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4. To protect your nails from cracking (as a result of exposure to chemicals and water while washing dishes and doing household chores) are advised to wear gloves during that. Don’t extravagant in the use of nail polish in order to avoid the use of acetone.

5. If you receive a red protrusions around the hairline nail it indicates the presence of sensitivity due to the use of paints containing formaldehyde and must stay away from them. For the treatment of chapped nails you should use “Glycerin” to nourishes the skin around the nails and prevents cracking

Nails care tips in Urdu

Nail care tips in urdu

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