Proper nail care

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Most people give their nails care but little attention. They deserve much more attention. With its structure, color and shape the nails to show what is going on in the body and what diseases he has to fight straight.

They point not only to current disease statuses, but also reveal past problems. Assuming that a fingernail on average 2 to 3 millimeters per month grows, one can easily determine when the body has gone through a disease. So it pays to look at proper nail care  as “hint” of health even more accurate.

Nail are important part of our body and plays important role in our beauty. So it is essential to give proper nail care to our nails, So we write nail care tips for getting healthy and strong nails.

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Proper nail care

Like everywhere else is also true that prevention is better than cure!

1. Clean, dry feet protect against fungal infection. Regular washing of the feet with soap and water, followed by thorough drying are the best way to prevent infection.

2. Shoes and stockings should be changed daily. Wear well fitting shoes “breathable” materials. Avoid tight socks and shoes, because in them quickly forms a moisture reservoir.

  • Cotton socks are more suitable than socks made of synthetic fibers, especially in people who exercise a lot.

3. Contact with micro organisms can not be avoided. However, there are “high risk zones” in which the risk of infection is especially high. These include swimming pools, locker rooms and showers and hotel rooms. Enter here if possible slippers.

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4. Regular proper cutting helps to keep your toenails healthy, just as wearing matching shoes with flat to moderately high heels.

  • Toenails should be cut straight, so that the nail is slightly longer than the end of the toe.

Home nail care tips

Treat your hands and nails once a week an extensive care with a bath of warm olive oil. Indulge in the warm, soft hands with a massage and then slather them with a hand cream or hand mask.

  • For the fingernails, there are special nail creams that keep the cuticles nice and soft and nails moisturize also.

An extensive care before going to bed recommended because overnight can move the active ingredients of oil and cream perfectly into the skin.

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Proper nail care in Urdu

Nail care in Urdu

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