Dry skin care

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What you should consider in everyday life or can do to your best possible to dry skin care? The dry skin basically works like the normal skin type, only more intense.

Dry skin careAll care products should significantly more fat and moisturizing factors included and will be applied several times a day.

Beside that you have to read following skin care tips and pay attention on them for proper dry skin care.

Dry skin care

1. Rich lotions and creams improve the fat and moisture content of the upper layers of the skin, thereby stabilizing the barrier function of the skin.

2. Ingredients such as evening primrose oil and grape seed oil contain skin-related lipids, which strengthen the skin’s natural barrier from the inside out and prevent moisture loss of the skin in this way.

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Improve natural moisturizing factors such as urea, lactate or hyaluronic acid moisture condition of the dry skin.

Dry facial skin care

3. Care products with a high content of lipids, such as Eucerin Repair Ointment 10% Urea are particularly suitable for dry and very dry skin and skin that are increasingly exposed to wind and weather.

Dry facial skin care

Whether cold and temperature fluctuations in winter or heat and intense sunlight in summer – Environmental influences are particularly strong on sensitive facial skin.

1. To protect extremely dry facial skin a rich fat cream is recommended. During intense sunshine sun protection is essential, of course – even in winter holiday.

2. The natural nourishing masks with egg and honey, yogurt, avocado and olive oil are ideal to nourish and moisturize dry skin of the face. Apply the mask on clean skin once a week and leave on for about 20 minutes.

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3. Do not use intensively covering makeup, as it further undermined the already weakened regulate the skin moisture and may increase the dry skin.

Dry hands and feet

1. Scrubbing of hands and feet helps to eliminate dead skin cells, make them softer and smoother also accelerate the healing process of cracked heels.

Dry hands and feet care tips

2. Wash hands and feet with lukewarm water instead of hot water. The hot water contributes to the dryness of hands and feet.

3. In addition wash your hands and feet with moisturizing products several times daily, to keep them soft and healthy.

Dry skin care in Urdu

Dry skin care in Urdu

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