Pimples home remedies

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Remedies for pimplesA plumper, pus Pimples home remedies on the face quickly led to drastic measures. Many press around the same in the inflammation.

But that is not the be counseling method, since it is rarely successful and “backfire” in the truest sense can. Pressing namely too long, too tight or not exactly in the right place, the pimples home remedies may burst inward.

So that the purulent fluid or large scale distributed under the Pimples home remedies and a much stronger inflammation causes with which you then fight really long has and on top of that increase the risk of scarring.

Pimples home remedies

Yuck – a pimple! This has to do what one yet. Catch only equal to squeeze in or allergy prone chemical to lubricate the face. Even with the old pimples home remedies you can get rid from pimples. So for getting clean and clear skin try our following home remedies.

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Orange peel

The peel of an orange is rubbed off on this and mixed with a little water. Now it is applied to the affected area (preferably with a cotton swab) and has about an hour to act, before it is washed off with lukewarm water.

Attention: If you generally react allergic to citrus, this is obviously not the right pimples home remedies for you!

Lemon juice

You trickling fresh lemon juice on a cotton pad and then moisturize your pimples with this liquid. The pimple dry out overnight and the next morning your pimples have faded.

Attention: If you are allergic to citrus fruits, this homemade remedy is also not suitable for you.


Rub several times with a freshly curled, raw clove of garlic every day from the pimples or eat 3 daily fresh, raw garlic cloves.

Disadvantage: Although this method should be very effective because of the odor, recommended, but only if you live as a hermit in seclusion.

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Even in ancient times it has used honey as a beauty product. Honey reduces inflammation and softens the skin. Dab a drop of honey and let it dry .

After an hour you can wash off the dried honey with lukewarm water. Repeat this several times a day or let the honey act overnight.

Pimples home remedies in Urdu

Homemade remedies for pimples in Urdu

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