Beauty tips for winter

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Beauty tips for winterIt’s cold outside, inside was chubby in winter season. Our skin need extra care and nourishment to stay healthy and bright in winter season.

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That these permanent conversion to permanent skin and hair do not like, is clear.

Beauty tips for winter

We give you beauty tips for winter and tell you how you can maintain optimal even in winter.

Skin care

In winter, the body’s metabolism works on the back burner in order to lose as little energy. The sebum production decreases and the skin becomes drier. Through the cold winter air, the skin loses a lot of moisture, thus let tension and elasticity after.

In addition, the skin suffers in the winter under the dry air in heated rooms. The rule of thumb for winter care should therefore read, oily preparations outside, moisturizing products, apply within. The night skin care must be richer than ever.

Facial skin care

The facial skin suffers in the winter especially. It is constantly exposed to environmental influences, where dehydrated air dries them out. Because the sebaceous glands cease their activities, does not apply to sub zero temperatures of the natural protective oils from your skin.

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So apply a high fat face cream that eliminates dryness. Fatty products you accept its consistency they are thicker and stronger than water rich creams.

Instead of a day skin care cream, you can simply apply your night skin care cream that is rich in content and maintenance materials and supplies the skin with moisture.

Lips care

Remedy to treat dry, brittle, peeling lips create creams and lip balms. You will cover the lips with a film of grease to keep the delicate skin supple and prevent cracking before.

So called water in oil emulsions, products with a little water, which additionally contain nourishing substances such as chamomile, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera or Jojoba oil give your lips the extra care.

Hair care

Against brittle, dried out air from the heating winter hair helps intensive treatment. Either you make a cure itself, For example an avocado egg cure, when you mash an avocado and mix 2 egg yolks, this soak for 20 minutes and rinse well.

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Or you can rely on rich treatments from the store shelf, the care of hair in winter and new builds with a lot of moisture.

Beauty tips for winter in Urdu

Winter beauty tips in Urdu

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Beauty tips in Urdu