Summer beauty tips

Summer beauty tipsIn summer it is essential to protect skin from sunlight and extreme weather effect, along with that people specially women’s want fair and fresh skin. But it is difficult to treat and maintain the beauty of skin in summer season because our skin loses shine, colour and beauty. A nice and smooth looking cleavage what woman would not want that. Contact occasionally this beauty secret to make your cleavage to provide intensive care and to make it look tempting. Here we put summer beauty tips and beauty tips in Urdu for summer. By these summer beauty tips you can pamper your skin with great care and make it beautiful in extreme hot summery weather. We hope you enjoy to trying out our summer beauty tips and beauty tips for summer in Urdu and a nice, sunny late summer season!

Summer beauty tips

1.  Use skin care creams and moisturizers in summer season for skin care along with that try to drink as much water as you can because water maintain the moisture level of skin tone and retain you skin beauty and fairness.

2.   Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, honey and curd into the smaller bowl and mix everything evenly with a fork. You already now the lemon before. Pour the remaining juice easily into the larger bowl and fill with water and provide about 750 ml.

Ideally, wrap yourself in a bathrobe and now wear the mask on the cleavage. To intensify you can hang plastic wrap or a damp hot wash cloth on skin. After 15 minutes this pack should now be able to act before repeatedly rinse the wash cloth in the lemon water and thus completely remove the maintenance.

3.   1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of yogurt, a small bowl and a fork in the preparation. Put the ingredients into the bowl and mix to a uniform texture with a fork. Now enter the care to cleansed face and leave the mask on for about 15 minutes cleaning. Then you take the mask with lukewarm damp washcloth completely. Let the skin rest for another 15 minutes before applying a light face cream.

Make another bowl of warm water ready and about to give you a little lemon juice. The lemon water is wonderful to take care of your skin and you also astringent.

Summer beauty tips in Urdu

Summer beauty tips in Urdu

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Beauty tips in Urdu