Winter beauty tips

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Beauty tips for winter seasonIf we see our skin according to the natural point of view we can easily care our skin.

Actually our skin relics on our own and natural behavior and we divided the skin on three basis. All the three types are related to air, fire and water.

1. Those people that belongs to Kapha type they have fresh and cool mind and control their anger. The Kapha type belongs with Monsoon season.

2. Those people that belongs to Pitta type are dynamic and protesters. Pitta type belongs to summer.

3. Those people that belongs to Vata type they are normally live in thoughts, creative and competitive. The Vata type belongs with winter season.

Winter beauty tips

Below we submit some winter winter beauty tips. You can get benefit from these winter beauty tips and can solve your problems in dry winter season easily.

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1. You should use soap, moisturizers, and other washing products which are appropriate for your skin.

You should try to use those products and soaps that are make by natural products and not contain on chemical substances. Don’t change your soap again and again and along with that use baby oil for soft skin.

2. In winter take bath after some interval (2 to 3 time in week) and use lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Because hot water burns your skin cell and make your skin dry. Rub soap slowly on your body while you are taking bath instead of rubbing hard.

3. Use soft cloth instead of towel because this make your skin soft for long time. Completely clean soap from your body while you are taking bath and use any moisture, glycerin or rose sap on you facial skin.

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4. Take Milk bath at least once in a week because milk bath make your skin soft and clean.

Take bath tub full of water now add 1 cup of dry milk, 1 to 2 tsp almond oil and 10 drops of orange juice in it. Now sit in this solution for 5 minutes.

Winter beauty tips in Urdu

Winter beauty tips in urdu

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