Friendship bracelets

friendship bracelets for men and womenBracelets are currently back in fashion and popular. As a sign of mutual love, affection or friendship they are worn mostly by young people with us.

Almost everyone has at some point used to wear a friendship bracelet, whether knit from wool or raffia ribbon in childhood.

A mussel chains of our holiday love or a charm bracelet of silver or gold that after every great event with a new trailer is equipped.

Friendship bracelets

According to the legend of Indra the king of heaven, woman tied to her husband, a band of silk thread (Rakhi) before he went into battle. Victorious and unharmed, he returned.

  • The Indian holiday Raksha Bandhan is the bond of friendship dedicated (Baddhan means bind and Raksha protection). On this holiday has always been girls knot colorful silk ribbons and tie them to their loved ones, siblings and neighbors to the wrist.
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It is also claimed that the friendship band from Central and South America comes from. From wool or yarn , the tape itself is made, it applies here as a symbol of solidarity and friendship to a person.

Traditionally, the manufacturer of the tape to his friend put on the friendship bracelet by hand, what this must want something. If the friendship band would one day fall by itself, this desire fulfilled. Until then, it must be worn day and night.

Design friendship bracelets

The cost of the nodes of the friendship bracelets is very low. With practice, the most beautiful ribbons can be easily produced once in between, be it on the bus, during a break or at the television.

  • The brightly colored or monochromatic threads should have three times the length of the forearm, in about 90 to 100 cm.

At one end, the threads are knotted together as a strand, the overhanging fringe should be about 10 cm long, in order to secure the friendship bracelet later.

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Due to the resulting thick knot the safety pin is then performed, which is simultaneously attached to a solid support. For this purpose, the own is pants best.

  • The individual colors are now sorted as you like. For the first experiments, the friendship bracelet is simply braided, later you can venture to the most intricate patterns.

Friendship bracelets collection

Seeing the importance of friendship bracelets in today’s fashion we present stylish, fashionable and elegant collection to you.

Women friendship bracelets
Men friendship bracelets
  • You can check these friendship bracelets and if you you like you can buy them from any online web store.
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