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Acrophobia treatment tipsAcrophobia also know as “Fear of Heights” is an Anxiety disorder in which individuals develop a panic behaviour when they are in a certain height.

Whether on the 6th floor of a skyscraper, the view from a high mountain or while standing on a ladder, the sufferer feels this is exposed regardless of the size of the height, an inexplicable anxiety and fear of having to plunge into the depths.


Cause for concern but it is when the normal height vertigo turns into a fear of heights.

Yes, even if causes the commission of an absolutely safe bridge sweats. Then we can speak of “Acrophobia“.


The Acrophobia is accompanied by a variety of symptoms, so the disease symptoms are often misdiagnosed.

Here, as of and for the patient, the situations in which the acrophobia shows often presents as a life-threatening.

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  1. Shortness of breath, Sweats, Chills, Dizziness.
  2. Tachycardia, Strong tremor.
  3. Feeling of pressure in the chest or the failure of the voice.
  4. Paralysis, Insomnia, Depression.
  5. Weak in the knees

Treatment tips

Be advised, it is possible to overcome your fear. Of course there are always relapses and each therapy is individual, but there are effective Acrophobia treatments that can help you to fight your Anxiety disorder.

This does not happen overnight. It takes time to trust your head. Your body needs to learn that he does not need to be afraid. The only way this panic is curable.

To let your confidence grow gradually, by some therapists the opportunity of Virtualization is used. You see through a pair of glasses in a PC monitor.

There are different heights simulated and it is possible for you to experience the depth. In this simulation, you can always make the glasses back to face the fears again.

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You know your body better know and feel like you can control the fears.

A treatment based on medicines is not advisable in Acrophobia disease, since herbal remedies such as Valerian only have a limited and short-term effect.

Acrophobia in Urdu

Acrophobia in Urdu

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