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measlesMeasles infections can take a very different course. In some cases, it may lead to severe complications, but they often occur in very young or adult patients.

Disease in children often run heavier than in adults. Although in adults have the same typical course of the disease, just below the curve ahead faster and also the complications are more frequent and more violent course.

Complications caused by the measles virus itself, and it may, in particular the respiratory tract and the brain to be affected. Thereby can in the respiratory tract, a bronchitis and pneumonia caused.


This disease is one of the measles virus caused acute and infectious disease. First enters a flu like preliminary stage followed by a strong rash on, which can affect large parts of the body.

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Because disease is highly contagious, they usually occur as a childhood disease on. The virus leaves a lifelong immunity. Crucial for the progression of the disease but are frequent complications, For example, otitis media and pneumonia.


The disease virus is pathogenic for humans and therefore solves only people from the disease. The virus preferentially infects cells of the immune and nervous system.

The virus is mainly by droplet infection transmitted, especially by coughing or sneezing.


Measles are characterized by typical symptoms. The main symptom of measles is the conspicuous rash.

In the children’s disease two consecutive stages are distinguished, on the one hand the running with flu like symptoms precursor stage and on the other, marked by characteristic skin lesions stage of the rash.

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Another typical symptom of measles is 2 time increase in fever as the disease progresses. First, create a fever increase during the precursor stage, followed by a further increase at the beginning of the stage, where the rash occurs eventually.

Very typical symptoms of the precursor stage of measles are common symptoms such as lethargy, fatigue, mild fever, headache and abdominal pain.

The patients often have a puffy face, are sensitive to light and have watery eyes due to conjunctivitis infections. Other signs of disease are a dry, barking cough and runny nose and sore throat.

With a second steep increase in fever, the main stage of measles announces. The symptoms of the first stage reinforce this. In addition, there occurs a dark red, coarse speckled and irregular shaped rash, which behind the ears begins.

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This rash may be on the face and neck and also the spread after several days hull, the arms and the legs, except the palms and soles cover.

Treatment tips

1. Treatment of disease is aimed only at the symptoms, because the measles virus can not be treated directly. There are yet no drug that fights the cause of childhood illness. In the foreground are therefore relieving the symptoms through medication and a lot of bed rest.

2. It is essential to treat the patient regardless of age and on the basis of symptoms because the disease in children and adults can be severe. Vaccination can help prevent any illness or serious complications.

Measles in Urdu

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