Stomach ulcer

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Peptic ulcer causes and treatment tipsStomach ulcer is a localized defect that mucosal lining the stomach on its inner side and protects the underlying layers of the stomach wall from the aggressive gastric juice.

The disease, also known as gastric ulcer the gastric mucosa is destroyed by persistent inflammation gradually. Initially, the ulcer affects only the upper mucosal layer.

Stomach ulcer

The diagnosis of “gastric ulcer” is often an incidental finding. That is, individuals do not realize that they have a stomach ulcer.

Here are causes, symptoms and treatment tips for stomach ulcers.


Stomach ulcer can arise from various causes. Stomach ulcers can be treated, but it can also complications.

  1. A gastric ulcer occurs whenever the ratio of gastric acid on the relationship of other substances of the gastric mucosa is unbalanced. Various factors or diseases can cause this imbalance.
  2. In many cases, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is in the stomach, where it leads eventually to a stomach ulcer.
  3. Another risk factor for the development of stomach ulcers are mental illnesses such as depression or persistent stress.


Ulcers in the stomach or duodenum often asymptomatic. Often also occur relatively non-specific symptoms such as nausea or vomiting.

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Some other common symptoms of stomach ulcer are as fallows.

  1. Bloating, loss of appetite and food intolerance.
  2. Irregular bowel movements.
  3. Pain in the upper abdomen, Pressure and bloating.
  4. Violent pain in a breakdown of the ulcer, signs of peritonitis with tenderness.

Treatment tips

Most stomach ulcer are treated with drugs. There are some measures for the prevention of stomach ulcers.

1. Basically it is in the treatment of stomach ulcers to the following objectives, rapid healing, rapid relief of symptoms, prevention of complications and prevention of recurrences.

Each form of treatment that brings the ulcer disappear, also eliminates the pain in no time.

2. Some time after the treatment of stomach ulcer is a control Gastroscopy, a repeated Gastroscopy performed. Here, the treatment effect is controlled and re removed tissue samples that are re-examined in the laboratory.

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Prevention tips

Everyone reacts differently to food and drink. If you notice that you can tolerate some foods not good, you should avoid this, thus the long term to avoid a stomach ulcer.

Coffee and alcohol should be consumed only in moderation so as not to damage the stomach. Also the smoking should be abandoned, since nicotine can irritate the stomach lining.

Stomach ulcer in Urdu

Peptic ulcer in Urdu

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