tinnitus symptoms and causesA permanent noise triggers for each person from stress. If a construction site is next to the living room, daily construction noise emanating from the eight hours, everyone reacts after a very short time annoyed. Similarly, tinnitus, only the people who suffer from tinnitus, constantly hear these sounds.


Tinnitus is the term for all ear and head noises. These sounds can be used as buzzing, chirping, tapping or humming, occur very suddenly. Often the ringing in the ears occurs in extreme stress situations. Patients who suffer from tinnitus, perceive sounds that are not audible to other people. The sounds can be consistent and monotonous here, but also rhythmically pulsating noises are common.

Causes and symptoms

Approximately 10-20% of population will be accompanied by a permanent tinnitus, at least 40% presented at least one transient noise resistant. Often this symptom occurs in people between the ages of 40 and 50th Years on.

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The cause of hearing impairment are, For example, by earwax, noise damage and vertigo into consideration Patients who suffer from tinnitus, you should as soon as possible an ear, nose and Go to the ear doctor because these noises may be a harbinger of sudden hearing loss. When sudden hearing loss is in a sensori-neural hearing loss, which can result in severe cases, deafness.

Treatment and therapy

In an acute tinnitus is treated within the first 3 months, the chances are good that the sounds disappear completely. tinnitusIf there is a problem for more than a year ago, the chances of recovery are very poor.

But even a circulatory disorder of the inner ear can cause the noise. In this case, specialists often prescribe an infusion therapy with circulation-enhancing drugs, so that the middle ear is better supplied with blood and oxygen. If you suspect that an inflammatory process is the cause of suffering, cortisone infusion is added frequently.

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If this tinnitus treatment does not help, it is possible to carry out an oxygen inhalation. In this therapy, the patient is put into a vacuum chamber large ambient pressure, while he inhales pure oxygen. This pressure chamber therapy often achieves good results, but the costs are only partially supported by health insurance.

Relaxation exercises here can be quite helpful. In particularly disturbing phases, can be used to headphones with soothing music for once. Thereby is deflected from the annoying noise. Meanwhile, many self-help groups have emerged, where victims have the opportunity to interact with other patients.

Tinnitus in Urdu

Tinnitus in Urdu

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