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Tuberculosis symptoms and treatment tipsEvery 15 seconds someone somewhere in the world die as a result of tuberculosis.

Because parts of their lungs in most cases destroyed, fading the sufferers away tragically. Coughing blood and feverish struggle to breathe.

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But the great grief at the misery is that it all happened because of a disease that is preventable. In the vast majority of cases, this potentially deadly ordeal completely curable.

Tuberculosis or TB

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium (MB). The bacteria settle mainly into the lungs, but can sit in all organs, including the bones and lymph nodes.

A particularly severe form of disease is tuberculous meningitis, which usually affects children and is a life threatening disease. Is also widely spread in the lungs (Miliary tuberculosis) also has a life threatening condition.

Only pulmonary tuberculosis, which is infectious. The bacterium grows slowly, and tuberculosis may be several years in the making.


TB is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium, and a few million people die each year as a result of this disease.

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The main factors contributing to the spread of TB, poor social conditions, overcrowding, large families, poor housing and poverty.

Doctors and health workers often exposed to tuberculosis during treatment, also run a higher risk of the disease.

Indeed, no one can be sure that he or she never TB will receive. People of all ages, nationalities and social economic groups can somehow become infected.

It is also one of the biggest causes of death of people who are HIV positive. In addition, TB is a much bigger murderer than malaria.


1. Weakness ,lose your appetite
2. Continuous weight loss.
3. Continents fever ever or heavy sweating at night.

These signs can take several weeks to continue. If you do not receive treatment, they are usually worse. If the TB in your lungs, then the symptoms can be.

1. Cough, much phlegm coughing,
2. Cough or blood,
3. Pain in your chest when you cough.

If you have TB in another part of your body, the symptoms obviously be different. Only a doctor or qualified health professional can determine whether you have tuberculosis.


Distribution can also be gained through the digestive system, coughing, sizing and can even by shouting or singing, in other words to take food or drink infected by a sufferer.

Treatment tips

Following the advice of WHO and the international TB Union (IUATLD) all countries should have a national tuberculosis program.

The treatment is given in pulmonary medical departments and outpatient clinics to ensure that the treatment is taken as prescribed, and the disease goes back and the patient cured.

Negative culture from sputum after 2 and 5 months, from the moment of the diagnosis is desirable. The clinics make sure that the environment around an infectious cases examined carefully.

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All family members examined with X-ray examination of the lungs and the tuberculin skin test or blood test. Possibly offered control of the workplace, if there has been a microscopy positive cases.

Tuberculosis in Urdu

Tuberculosis Or TB In Urdu

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