Jogging for beginners

jogging exercise for beginnersMany people would like to do something for your health and your body. The jogging or running is one of the sports in which you can enter relatively simple and can be learned without any major problems. Whether you want to lose weight or for one’s own body awareness, running lends itself perfectly to this. Who would like to start with jogging, but should take into account some tips to not wrong, inefficient or even damaging to the body to exercise.

Running or Jogging

The faster, the better? It seems likely, if ambitious amateur athletes go by a beginner. Sports doctors point out, however, that it just should let beginners go slow and considerably slower than they see themselves possible. There are not too slow running or jogging, especially not when aiming purely on the health strengthening effect. Those who want to reduce weight and increase stamina, can not fail, in the further course of training to choose a quicker pace.

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When you start jogging, you should first proceed according to the interval method. Try a minute or two to jog through and then fall for half the time in a faster walking back. This interval will guide you through several times and begin your training as a beginner with about 15 minutes of training time.

You should be extremely overexert in any case, as this is not particularly conducive to a training effect. Increase gradually the length of the jogging interval and shorten the time of walking. In this way, you will soon reach the point where you can jog for 30 to 60 minutes without interruption. But please do not rush yourself and listen to your body. More important than a rapid increase in the Running Time is the regular running several times a week.

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Right track for jogging

Find a suitable hiking route that suits you from the underlying material and makes you happy. Usually it runs very comfortably in parks or sports grounds. Despite good, modern shoe cushioning For starters, running on asphalt is not the best choice. On a tartan track, along forest trails or on other softer substrates running is significantly lighter than beginners.

Jogging with training plan

jogging tipsJust as important as the training are the rest between workouts because the body needs sufficient rest and adjust to the new required performance. So Plan also enough time to rest and performance improvements. Especially as a beginner, one tends to the motto “more is better” to act. The most important thing while jogging, but generally in sports, is the regularity.

Motivation for jogging

After you with the right equipment for jogging are entered into the running and have created an individual training plan, you should keep your motivation in mind. No matter how strong it is still at the beginning of the exercise, the time can be the motivation for many beginners soon after.

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Especially bad weather or other activities lead easily to forget the workout, move or to cancel. For a good training effect, however, regular walking is essential.

However, if you can stop alone is very bad for training, you should be looking for in the like minded friends. Entry into the workout you should indeed find its own to be able adequately listen to your body, in the medium term, however, the training with a partner or in a group are more fun and get the motivation to go jogging on a permanent upright.

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