Nausea during pregnancy

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nauseaAt the present time almost as frequent nausea during pregnancy is disease like headache and no less unpleasant.

Often they coat the affected quite heavily from total well being, or is slowly, over a period of slow, too.

Those who are affected by nausea, complain about lack of concentration at work and are easily flustered, sometimes even moody their fellow human beings.

Nausea during pregnancy

Nausea in pregnancy is almost be described as normal. Around 75% of all pregnant women suffer during pregnancy among more or less pronounced nausea, often associated with vomiting.

Often, the pain usually occurs in the morning and last throughout the day at different lengths.

Some women react with spontaneous nausea intense odors. Good to know, for most women, the queasy feeling in the stomach can but after the first 3 months of pregnancy again.

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Treatment tips

Women who have morning after getting up is bad early should eat a little something already in bed, such as dry biscuits, hazelnuts, toast, and then remain lying for a moment and a sweetened herbal tea (peppermint, lemon balm, chamomile, or hops) drink.

  • This raises the blood sugar levels and also produces an empty stomach nausea rather than an easily filled.

Eat lots of little pieces, you waive fatty and spicy foods, take instead a lot of fruits, vegetables, raw vegetables and dairy products to drink enough (water, herbal teas, juices, sugary but caffeine free cola). Be sure to always have something in your stomach to prevent nausea during pregnancy again.

An old home remedy for nausea is ginger. You can buy such as candied ginger and eat or cook a ginger tea. Finally, a little tip essential oils such as mandarin, peppermint or lemon can also help to ensure that the nausea disappears.

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Talk to your partner, your family and friends about how you’re feeling and what you need now, because the others will not know by itself how you can help. You do not have to feel guilty if you ask someone to help with the cooking, shopping or cleaning you are sick!

The treatment is more difficult the longer you wait so. So you should as soon as possible to talk to your gynecologist obstetrician about your order to solve the nausea during pregnancy problem if necessary even with medication.

Nausea during pregnancy in Urdu

Nausea during pregnancy in Urdu

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