Stretch marks during pregnancy

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Stretch marks in pregnancyPregnancy alters the women not only by nature but also physically, there are some changes. On the ever growing belly, you can get used to pretty quickly.

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The baby grow up in the belly to feel is something very special for many mothers and fathers. If it were not for the vexing issue of stretch marks. But you can prevent stretch marks.

Stretch marks during pregnancy

Ever at the start I can tell you that it depends, unfortunately, much of the assessment as to whether you get stretch marks during pregnancy or not.

If you have a weak connective tissue, the chance of stretch marks is greater than in women with a tight connective tissue. Stretch marks usually appear on the abdomen, chest, hips and thighs.

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These zones should be therefore particularly concerned with your care. But nevertheless you can prevent stretch marks with our stretch marks during pregnancy tips.

Treatment tips

1. Even with proper diet can help prevent stretch marks. You should eat a balanced diet and healthy. These include proteins, zinc and vitamins A, C and E. Zinc can be found in shellfish, nuts and dairy products. Zinc is an important element to help with skin problems.

2. If you want to stretch marks during pregnancy, should have significantly more drinking in pregnancy. You do with your skin what good and also your unborn child. The normal daily fluid intake of 2 to 3 liters should increase to 4 liters.

3. Contrast showers 3 times a week you should alternate abdomen, chest and thighs 5 times with cold and then rinse off with warm water.

  • Brush massage also good for blood circulation are gentle brush massages. Circling do this with a soft brush the stressed point.

4. It is particularly important is the places where the stretch marks occur most frequently to massage 2 to 3 times daily. So that you can start early. From about the 3rd month you should start to all cases with it.

There are 2 different types of massages. In both versions, you should use an oil that quality ingredients and natural plant oils contains.

Plucking massage: this method of massage is probably the most effective. The skin is pulled up and rolled between thumb and forefinger. Use this really oil. This is more effective than cream. This is usually already moved before the massage begins to act.

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Oil massage: this massage abdomen, chest and thighs are massaged in a circular motion.

5. If you get stretch marks despite the tips, it may be due to your eventual flaccid connective tissue. Do not make yourself crazy. Most stretch marks disappear after birth quickly or fade so strong that these are only slightly visible.

Stretch marks during pregnancy in Urdu

Stretch marks during pregnancy in Urdu

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