Good night sleeping tips

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good night healthy sleepA good sleep not only has the advantage that it is enjoyable. It improves memory and, more generally, the mind.

Sleep strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and burnout syndrome. The need for sleep varies individually. Generally, enough for an adult 7 hours of sleep per day from.

Babies need a lot more sleep, while one even needs only 5 to 6 hours of sleep in old age. Here are some tips for men, women and children’s. With these good night sleeping tips you can get comfortable and healthy good night sleep.

Good night sleeping tips

1. In order to avoid the ground level, stressful dust vortex, the deck height should be at least 48 to 50 cm. The minimum length of your bed should be your height plus 20 cm, the minimum width of 90 to 100 cm.

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2. Change at least every 10 years your mattress, because your body has evaporated about 2700 liters of liquid during this time in my sleep and the mattress was exposed to around 20,000 mechanical loads.

3. Make sure that the right sleep temperature in the bedroom. Too much or too little heat “irritate” the circulation. The ideal room temperature is 14 to 18° C at 50% humidity.

4. Ensure sufficient fresh air in the bedroom. Ventilate the room before going to sleep well, but avoid constant drafts. Do not work against your body clock! Go always possible to sleep at about the same time.

5. Turn off lights, the radio and the television. Darkness and silence are the basis of good night sleep. Avoid evening indigestible foods such as fatty meats, raw vegetables and fruit. Bring your body up to speed and keep him from relaxing.

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7. Avoid going to sleep everything like coffee, cola, black tea, cigarettes, and in contrast to earlier opinions hot bathing and showering.

Good night’s sleeping tips in Urdu

Good night sleeping tips in Urdu

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