Healthy sleeping tips

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healthy sleeping tipsBasically, you should always go to sleep in about the same time, i.e the sleep time should be adhered to more or less.

It should be noted that you are really sleepy when you go to bed. Otherwise you will be dissatisfied toss and turn because you can not fall asleep. It is also beneficial if you regularly get up at the same time.

So keep at your circadian rhythm and alertness and fatigue alternate regularly from. Below we write healthy sleeping tips for healthy and comfort good night’s sleep.

Healthy sleeping tips

For better and healthy good night’s sleep read carefully the following healthy sleeping tips:

1. The duration of sleep is influenced by many factors, exposure to occupational or family, environment in which you sleep, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine consumption, medicines and drugs, and of course the general well being and lifestyle.

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2. The bedroom is a place of rest. Generally, the quieter the better! Avoid distracting background noise, light sources, electronic devices (clock radio) and keep the colors subtle.

A bedroom should only be used for sleeping and not for activities the whole family or as an office. This is especially true if you already asleep bad.

3. The sleeping environment plays a major role and is often misinterpreted. Ideal is a room temperature of approximately 18°c with enough humidity. In many households, often still slept with the window open, even in winter.

4. Animals in the bedroom depends on your habits. If sleeping with animals for years to function well, there is nothing wrong. However, studies have shown that people who sleep with animals, often at night to wake up than others.

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5. There are numerous methods that you can perform very well alone. One is the progressive muscle relaxation, be in the succession of different muscle groups and relaxed again.

The last meal should you take at least 2 hours before bedtime, otherwise your body is busy with digestion, which can affect sleep.

Sleeping tips in Urdu

Sleeping tips in Urdu

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