Sleep disorders

sleep disordersA good sleep is also a healthy sleep and a good prevention against burnout. Sleep disorders are not just a common symptom in burnout. Chronic lack of sleep is also a risk factor to get in rates in a burnout condition. Stress and hectic at work or at home put the body of a duration of over stimulation, in the evening we often have problems again “come down“. The one wallows dead tired in bed while the thoughts go wide awake carousel. Others report only mild sleep phases, waking up in the middle of the night or long before the alarm clock ringing.

Sleep disorders

If these sleep disorders to often, it can become a chronic lack of sleep and burnout develop. So get timely countermeasures. The good news, This type of sleep disorder can be treated relatively easily, if one keeps a few rules.

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1.   We are creatures of habit Keep a regular sleep wake rhythm! Always go at the same time to go to bed, turn off prior to half an hour.

2.   In the dark, anxious thoughts and problems often look even darker and you literally constantly circulated through. If you can not sleep, push it aside easily, write them on your list, For example, next to the bed.

3.   The quality of the bed and the mattress can be crucial for sleep problems, especially if one morning back pain plague. Heavy meals should be avoid in the evening. Eat most preferably less indigestible carbohydrates and fat sauces.

4.   Light and noise should be banished from the bedroom as possible, For example by soundproof windows. Interfering light of a street lamp can be darkened with curtains.

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5.   Avoid a lot of action is another important rule for good sleep. Also an exciting thriller as bedtime reading stirs, relaxation is the magic word. Take an evening stroll or take a calming bath.

6.   It is best to turn the TV off just 30 minutes before bedtime. Light a candle and read a few pages. If all else fails and you can not fall asleep, get up again and deal with something really boring that you like to shove the right glue such as ironing or photos. Hatch after 30 minutes of boredom just back under the covers and try again.

7.   Stay away from chemical sleeping pills. You have a fast habituation effect, make often dependent and damage the liver, which then wakes again at three clock due to overload!

Sleep disorders in Urdu

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Sleep disorders in Urdu

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