Data collection

Data collectionFrom business cards, index cards or lottery tickets on handwritten notes or questionnaires to interview recordings all these data are mechanically generally recognized to be further processed in the terminal.

This task is performed by the data logger and Addresses Phases to the delight of staff, this work is often to implement even in home work from home. That makes this an ancillary activity to one of the most sought after part time Data collection jobs for those who have a way with the keyboard.

The areas of responsibility as a data entry operator, which differ because they depend on the templates from which are to be detected. In principle can be distinguished in work on data collection and paperwork.

Online data collection

For data collection work is about the more “traditional” areas for the secondary jobber such as the data collection of addresses, questionnaires, contracts or member data.

Typing on the other hand, are more complex, because this coherent texts are recognized – in part, in the jargon as medical or legal texts. But the transcript of recorded conversations in the form of dictations, interviews or lectures, and not least the copy of handwritten manuscripts are among the typical paperwork.

The data to be collected either be supplied in the original on paper or as a scan and must be within the specific program, such as in a database or a spreadsheet recognized.

Requirements for temporary job in the address detection

It is very important in this Online part time job that you have mastered the 10-finger typing system partly this is even assuming mandatory. Because with clerical work means time is money, and with the 10 finger system can be saved in any case time.

data collection jobsYou should also as a part time Data Entry Operator with the PC can handle very well, his command of the popular office programs and linguistically proficient enough to qualify for the Online part time job.

And last but not least, quality plays in data collection an important, if not the most important role at all – this is true for the main job, as for the part time job. Who does not work carefully, his job is very quickly going again. As a rule, it does not take long to notice incorrect collected data or addresses. Wrong addresses are almost worse than none addresses – typos are so taboo!

Working hours in this part time job

The nuts and bolts of this part time job is time flexibility, because usually done working hours for data collection by arrangement and on the workload – and that depends on the orders that gets your employer.

Accordingly, it may happen that you have a few days to do nothing and then have to process a large volume of data within a short time.

Where can you find a part time job in data collection?

This temporary Online data entery part time job is highly sought after – rarely Vacancies are publicly advertised. It if you take the initiative and contact the companies in connection, which offers services in the field of data acquisition and acceptance of typing is best. Ask there to see if the time or in the future, employees will be required for data collection.

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