Earn money with YouTube

Earn money online from YouTube videosSure many of you regularly use YouTube, for example, to music watch videos of your favorite bands or to inform you of professionals in specific channels to specific topics.

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform and you can use it not only passively. Anyone on the internet want to earn money with YouTube videos, the options should take advantage offered by the portal.

A dedicated YouTube channel is created quickly, if you do not already have one. First of all, you should then ask yourself the question of which topics you want to employ you in your videos.

Do you have an own website for which you want to win that way traffic, it makes sense thematically to orient it. But regardless of a website can make good use to earn money with YouTube. Then you are totally free in your choice of topic.

However, there are certain things that almost always go down well, and it certainly does not hurt to be inspired by a little. Earn money with YouTube isn’t look quiet easy, but with our Online money making tips for YouTube videos, you can easily earn money online and can generate extra income for yourself.

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Earn money with YouTube videos

Once you have your video produced and uploaded to your channel, you should still be careful to select the correct settings. This can be crucial when it comes to making your video quickly known and get more views.

1. Description is even the most important addition to the video. Give yourself effort to write an interesting description as possible, the getting the user to look at the video. A rough Synopsis not missing. Moreover, here you can insert links, For example to your own website.

2. Thumbnails are also not to be underestimated is the importance of the preview image. Many users do it all depends on whether you click on a video or not. So meet your selection carefully.

3. Video tags give here all the keywords or search terms under which your video to be found. Make sure that you use only those terms that are really relevant to that video.

4. Allow video Responses, but only with permission. That means, that they must be unlocked before they are visible and can sort out the same nonsense.

5. It is best to release the comment feature for users worldwide. It is good if a lot of discussion about your content, which brings even more traffic. Comment votes are also allowed.

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YouTube Partner Program

Have you come far? Great, then your chances are really good, to build a successful channel and earn money with YouTube. But the most important question remains unanswered. How exactly does one good YouTube videos now actually money for some time that stands?

YouTube partner channel open to all owners. Previously, this privilege had only the operators of large and successful channels, but now the program can use any.

If you are logged into your account, click on the Settings menu, select Channel Settings from there and there the “Monetization“.

Here you click “Activate Account” and you’re there. Now you can select which ad formats you want to use in your channel. A choice of advertising videos that are shown directly before your actual video, next overlay ads that appear at the bottom of each of your videos.

In addition, you can activate their banners that are displayed to the right of the videos. This applies not only for new videos, even those that you already have in your channel from earlier, you can enable it for “Monetization“. Basically you can select individually for each video if you want to have advertising in it or not.

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Make Adsense account

Earn money with videos through adsenseIf you so choose, to show ads in your videos, you must first, however an AdSense account linked to your YouTube account to receive payments. What is AdSense, you have certainly already noticed in connection with Google.

After YouTube for some time also belongs to Google, the above payments are handled on this platform. The following requirements must be met for you to advertising placements and to earn money with YouTube.

1. At least one video you must have enabled the “Monetization“.

2. The link between your AdSense and your YouTube account must be Payment Information must be provided about AdSense.

3. Depending on the payout limit in your region, you have to reach certain minimum amounts before you can request your money.

However, you need to link the 2 accounts do not create mandatory immediately, you will receive a reminder from YouTube when it is time. Then you might even get a bonus as a thank you for that link before the videos were monetized.

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