Google online courses

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The Internet giant does not stop surprising us. More and more educational offers can be found at a click away: online courses, diplomas and many themed proposals aimed at training professionals of all specialties.

On the Internet is everything, even the best training, university or not. There are thousands of people who choose to complete their education thanks to the online courses offered by various universities and institutions, some of them very prestigious. One of the companies involved in the so-called MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is Google Inc.

Google online courses

The American company is a regular on the lists of courses that can be found on the Internet. In addition, issue a certificate to your name once you finish the training period, usually a few weeks.

Online training courses from Google and Udacity have several advantages, such as time flexibility and content quality. In addition, the name of one of the largest technology companies in the world looks great on the CV, although the priority in their workshops is to get the knowledge promised.

Google online courses

Since December 2015 there is the online learning platform developed by Google Inc., Here Google offers different online courses including audiovisual editors, web and application development, programming, computer science and engineering etc.,

The platform is aimed at students, but also for founders and companies, to expand their knowledge on digital issues.

List of online courses

Here below is the list of Google online courses with free certificate for students who want to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills.​

Google Online Courses List
Registration link
1. Developing Android for Beginners Click Here
2. Development of Android applications, Intermediate level. Click Here
3. Google localization services on Android, Intermediate level. Click Here
4. Development of Android applications, Advanced level. Click Here
5. Optimization of applications for Android, level Avazado. Click Here
6. Web development for mobile, intermediate level. Click Here
7. Responsive web design, intermediate level. Click Here
8. Use of responsive images, intermediate level. Click Here
9. Web optimization, intermediate level. Click Here
10. Web application optimization, advanced level. Click Here
11. Add google maps to your application, intermediate level. Click Here
12. Google analytics, intermediate level. Click Here
13. Android wear, advanced level. Click Here
14. Android tv and google cast, advanced level. Click Here
15. Android auto, advanced level. Click Here
16. UX design for mobile developers for beginners. Click Here
17. Material design, intermediate level. Click Here
18. Development of games for html5, intermediate level. Click Here
19. Development of apps in python, advanced level. Click Here
20. Gradle for android and java, advanced level. Click Here

Before you start it is important to note that this is a great opportunity for students who want to train themselves free with the monster of the search engines: Google.

FAQ’s about Google online courses

Here below are the some of the common questions that are asked by the students about Google online courses.

What are the requirements?

You just have an internet connection and a Google account to register immediately for any online training course offered by Google and Udacity. Upon completion of any course you can obtain a free certificate.

How can I start the online course?

To start your free online course from Google , just go to the course page and click on “Start Free Course”. The web page also provide information about the duration, content (videos tutorials) and difficulty level of the course.

You must also fill out a registration form with your personal data and information. This information will be used when issuing a 100% free digital certificate.

Can I enroll more than one course?

While there is no vacancy limit, it is important that each student takes responsibility for enrollment in one of the selected course. In other words, there is no problem in performing two, three or more courses simultaneously.

When will I receive the diploma?

Well, to obtain the diploma that certifies your training in these courses it is necessary to pass all the relevant evaluations. Accreditation is automatically processed when the student has successfully completed the assessment with a 75% accuracy (you have up to three attempts to pass, otherwise you will lose this privilege).

Is there is any drawback?

One of the few drawbacks of these free Massive Open Online Courses from Google is that they are taught entirely in English lenguage, so it is necessary to handle the language minimally. If you still do not do it, it’s time to get down to work, and for that there are also plenty of resources on the Internet.

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!! Congratulations!! Dare to participate in one of the free Google online courses with certificate. As always, I invite you to participate with your comments, questions and suggestions to continue our mission of democratizing knowledge. See you soon!

Google online courses in Urdu

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