Best iOS apps

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Best iOS appsAt last Friday, eventually new apps. Every week we scour for the App Store for new and exciting iOS apps, so you will not be bored on weekends.

This time we have, among other things an interesting weather app before, although only speaks English, but has a lot of humor.

Also: A video app from Facebook, an innovative time recording and more.

Best iOS apps

Here we enlisted best iOS apps for your device. From these listed apps you can get maximum benefit in your routine life.

Carrot Weather

App Carrot are known for funny graphics and the crude humor of the computer voice. Thus, Carrot Fit athletes with sarcastic comments made ​​legs and Carrot hunger logged own calorie intake snippy. Additionally, there is a talking to-do list and an alarm clock. With Carrot Weather is now also a weather app.

As with the other apps promulgated a computer voice at any forecasts an appropriate quote – unfortunately only in English. In addition to the current location, other places can be queried. As a fun bonus fictional locations are unlocked with intensive use of the app.

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Facebook reef

Unlike the current highlights the new free video app from Internet giants Facebook, reef , not on live streaming of motion pictures. Rather, the app is to help create short video clips from a longer Community videos. A Facebook account is it absolutely necessary. For a new project is a user before a new hashtag and released the first clip.

Other users can now create a video with the same hashtag and this is appended to the existing ones. And that’s the problem with reef. The original creator has subsequently no influence on the video.

Of course, the videos can be shared on Facebook. Reef should be seen as an experiment, since it originated in the Facebook’s Creative Labs as a side project within a few hours. For a better idea of ​​the app, we have created a short video.

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The small developers forge no-identity, which is known for the Finance app Next wants with the small, in the basic version free app Rewind automate your time and attendance. For this, the app uses the location service of the iPhone. In the free basic version, you can define and name, such as your workplace a place.

Also set a radius within which you move and rewind automatically records the time when you are on site. Entries can be provided with a note and processed in time.

Office Lens

The flood of scanner apps not torn off. Well, Microsoft has its own app for taking pictures of documents from the App Store. The free app Office Lens distinguishes between photo, document and whiteboard.

In all variants, the app tries to automatically detect the design and straighten. You must trigger itself. You can then adjust the circumcision and export the photo. Office Lens expected work well together with the Office programs Word and PowerPoint.

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Adobe Slate

The graphics giant Adobe brings in the basic version free app Slate (English for slate) an application for storytelling on the iPad. In minutes you create high-quality optical stories. Simply add an additional blocks of text or photos. Interactive elements like hyperlinks can be integrated. The design you can customize later still finished with templates.

Even when the app is currently only available in English, they can be operated intuitively. Your finished story you can share a variety of ways: on Facebook or Twitter, on your own website or you send them via e-mail. Slate ensures that your trip report, newsletter, or your photo report on all devices looks perfect.

Best iOS apps in Urdu

Best iOS apps in Urdu

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