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Unlock android patternMostly people when forget the android pattern lock, and have no idea how to unlock their smartphone pattern lock.

So they contact to the mobile repairing shops, where they are not only charged for unlocking phone also they made fool (that mobile software is to be reinstalled).

But in reality no software is installed on your smartphone to unlock pattern, they just reset the android wizard to unlock phone. Here below we tell you that how you can unlock android pattern lock by simple methods.

Unlock android pattern

At least with the pattern lock but you should try one of the following 2 methods to unlock android pattern lock.

Via Google account

Since their owner of an android I’m usually assume that you also have a valid Google account created without the you can use most of the services such as the Play Store, Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, Google+ etc. or only very limited.

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It may well be but also contemporaries, who use an android completely without Google Account. Which had said that the circumvention of the pattern lock will only work with a valid Google account, you must know from her naturally username and password.

If you now so your pattern then be dispensed with trying the following trick: Give to the pattern recognition five times consecutively intentionally wrong pattern a.

The wiped patterns have to touch to be recognized as fully every time at least four points. Immediately after the 5th incorrect entry Android has “forgotten pattern” command at the bottom of the display.

After confirming the Google Account password along with query appears. After logging in, you end up directly in the settings in which the lock is now disabled by pattern and was set to simple “swipe“.

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Via android reset wizard

If you forget your Google account username and password then you can use “android reset method” to unlock android pattern. This method is easy but when you’re going to unlock android pattern lock in this way, your data must lost from your phone. But your mobile is unlock easily with this simple trick.

To go to android reset wizard to unlock android pattern you have to fallow these steps.

  1. To go to android reset wizard, first switch off your phone / restart it.
  2. Now press “Power ON Key” “Volume key” and “Home key” at same time, until operator logo appears.
  3. Now leave all keys, an android logo appears on your smartphone screen. Now you’re in android resetting wizard.
  4. Here go to 4th option “Wipe data / factory reset” by using volume down key, and click with power key.
  5. Now there are lost of “NO” option’s and only “Yes” option on next screen. click on “Yes” option by pressing power key again.
  6. After some time the phone restarts again. Now your android phone has been reset, complete the necessary steps like “Google account, time and date, location and network settings, etc”.
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For Samsung mobiles you have to use “Power ON Key” “Volume key” and “Home key” to go through android reset wizard.

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In those smartphones there is no “Home key” you can use “Power ON Key” “Volume up key” and “Volume down key” to go through android resetting wizard.

Unlock android pattern in Urdu

Unlock Android pattern lock in Urdu

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