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Some time we have Trojan, virus, spy-ware or malware on PC and want to remove computer virus quickly. Here is a detailed description of how viruses effect our PC and how can we remove them easily.

Remove computer virusViruses can effect computer by following ways:

  1. Installation any free program or visiting a legitimate website that has been infected.
  2. When insert an infected USB device into computer.
  3. Opening an attachment or following link from an unsolicited email.

Along with these, there may be many other causes that can effect PC with viruses.

These viruses not only steal hard drive data, also turn computer into a Zombie PC ( Botnet ) to send spam or host malware etc.

Types of computer viruses

Anti virus programs distinguish between different types of viruses. These include:

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Boot viruses: They are among the earliest forms of computer viruses and have been very common in recent years.

Script viruses: Operating systems such as Mac OS, Unix, or Linux use scripting languages ​​to automatically perform certain tasks.

Mixed viruses: There are also mixed forms of computer viruses, which can attack several applications.

Worms: These are harmful applications and are often spread via e-mail clients.

Remove computer virus

To completely remove viruses and malwares from computer follow these steps.

1. Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware (MBAM) program.

2. Install software on your computer.

3. Run “Malwarebytes Anti-malware”

  • Click on the tab ‘Update’ and click the button “Check for Updates”.
  • Once the program has downloaded and installed the updates, select in “Perform a Quick Analysis” and press the button ‘Analyze’
  • The Analysis may take some time to complete, so please be patient.
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4. Make sure to mark everything detected by Malwarebytes Anti-malware, and click “Delete Selected”.

5. Malwarebytes Anti-malware may prompt you to restart your computer to complete disinfection and repair of the affected areas of the system, so allow the reboot to complete.

6. Restart your PC again and check the results and visit to keep your operating system up to date with the latest updates and patches available.

Remove computer virus

The following steps are optional.

7. Perform a full scan of your computer with one or both of these options:

  • Option A: Perform an Online scan with ESET Online Scanner.
  • Option B: Scan computer with Bitdefender QuickScan.

8. Use “CCleaner” program to clean cookies and temporary internet files.

9. Restart your system and enjoy your malware-free computer.

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What to do if these steps do not work?

  1. Do not despair.
  2. Use our website search box search relevant content if you can not find article that is similar to your problem.
  3. Ask question related to your problem by submitting your problems on “Ask Questions” page.

Remove computer virus in Urdu

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