Australian student visa

Having Australian student visa is one of the best future investments that can be made at this time. Studying in Australia supposes a high educational level, very good academic institutions and excellent professional expectations both in that country and in the rest of the world.

Studying in Australia means training in an educational system that serves as a model for everyone. Based on the rigid Anglo-Saxon academic tradition , Australian education is among the best in the world.

In this article ‘Australian student visa’ guide, I explains all the phases of the process and the requirements for Australian student visa that the country asks of foreign students.

Australian student visa types

The Australian Student Visa, in addition to allowing you to study for more than 3 months in Australia, offers health coverage and also the possibility of applying for a work permit. Depending on what you are going to study, there are different sub-classes of Australian student visas, which I’ve included in the table below.

Sub-Class Type Description
Subclass 570 ELICOS independent For international students who enroll in the ELICOS course (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) as an independent course, and not as a prerequisite to start another course (For example, A title course).
Subclass 571 Schools For international students who enroll in a course of study at a primary or secondary school, including an initial high school and higher education, and an approved secondary exchange program.
Subclass 572 Vocational Education and Training (VET) Covers Certificates I, II, III and IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.
Subclass 573 Higher education It covers the degree of Bachelor, Associate, Degree Certificate and Diploma of Degree
Subclass 574 Postgraduate Research It covers Master’s degrees for course work or research, and a Doctorate degree.
Subclass 575 Untitled It covers foundation, bridge and other courses for which titles, diplomas or other formal certificates are not awarded
Subclass 576 Sponsored by Aus AID or by the Ministry of Defense It covers full-time studies for students of or of the Ministry of Defense sponsored by the Australian Government.

Before applying for a student visa you must have been admitted to a course, which must be within the government approved to admit foreign students. You can check which institutions are part of the CRICOS (regulated courses for international students) on their website.

Australian student visa requirements

To start studying in Australia, you must meet a series of entry requirements.

Academic requirements

The academic requirements (which include proof of the level of English) that you need to study in Australia vary depending on the level of education you want to study. Institutions may have different entry requirements, so you should read the course information carefully on the institution’s website or contact them directly to request specific advice.

Below, I include general information about the entry requirements for the different levels of study:

  • English language – the entrance requirements vary between the different institutions and also according to the level of the English course you wish to take.
  • Colleges – the entrance requirements vary from one school to another, depending on the state or territory in which you are going to study. During the application process, both performance and academic ability will be taken into account.
  • Education and technical / vocational training – in general, there are no entrance exams for education and technical training / vocational training institutions (VET). However, in some courses, specific previous subjects or work experience may be required.
  • University degree courses – to be able to enroll in a degree course in Australia you must have a Certificate of Secondary Education of Australia (Year 12), or the equivalent issued abroad. In some degree courses, specific previous subjects may also be required.
  • Postgraduate courses – In addition to having successfully obtained at least a university degree, the institution can take into account your research capacity or your previous work experience.

Tip: to meet the academic requirements for the Australian Secondary Education diploma, consider the possibility of taking a pre-university training course. They are also called bridge studies and are intensive courses that will help you meet the entry requirements. In general, they are one year long and can be taken at most higher education institutions.

Requirements for obtaining visa

The Visa / Student Visa you will need depends on the chosen course. Here is a guide to the typical main requirements you must meet:

  • Certificate of registration confirmation (CoE).
  • Fulfillment of the genuine temporary admission requirement.
  • Sufficient funds to pay the tickets, the amount of the course and to cover the expenses of the stay.
  • Proficiency in the English language.
  • Compliance with health and character requirements.
  • Medical Coverage for Foreign Students (OSHC).

Australia has a special system of medical coverage for international students that is called Medical Coverage for Foreign Students (OSHC). This insurance will help you cover the cost of medical or hospital care that you may need while you are studying in Australia, and will also cover part of the cost of most prescription drugs and ambulance service in case of emergency.

In some cases, you will have to present the results of an English language test (TOEFL, Cambridge English, IELTS or PTE Academic). Remember that the level of English required by an institution may be different from the level of proficiency required for your Australian student visa application.

This visa process will change depending on the classification level of the student’s country of origin and the school where he or she studies:

  • Send the registration form to the school.
  • Receive the school offer letter.
  • Pay the course costs.
  • Receive a confirmation of electronic registration (eCOE).
  • Fill out your application form for the student visa online.
  • If you approve your application, Immigration will issue an electronic visa.

If they deny your request, you will receive a letter from Immigration explaining the reasons for the denial.

Australian student visa conditions

There are different conditions for Australian student visa, the main ones are:

  1. You can not work more than 20 hours per week on average while studying your course.
  2. During the holidays of your course, you can work as many hours as you want.
  3. You can not start working while your course has not started.
  4. The duration of your visa will be equal to the duration of the course / courses, plus 1 or 2 months of vacation after the course (depending on its duration).
  5. You must have good attendance (at least 80%) and academic achievements in your study center.
  6. You must also have compulsory medical insurance during your stay in Australia.

Additionally You can stay in Australia during your course and at intervals while you start another course plus a month or two of vacation at the end of the course.

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