Canadian immigration

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immigration to CanadaCanada’s visitors with a nationality from Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, France and the other EU countries are allowed to enter, to a stay of 6 months.

According to Canadian immigration laws no visa, but only a valid passport is required. If you want, however, to stay longer than 6 months in Canada, you need a visa.

Canadian immigration

Those who want Canadian immigration, has to submit an application for immigration at the Canadian government several ways.

Around 230000-250000 immigrants are taken annually. Two-thirds of them are, however, selected according to economic criteria, the number of refugees was halved by a restrictive asylum law reform in 2013 by half to 10,300.

Points System

Candidates may earn points in six different areas:

Language skills, educational level 25 points Professional experience 15 points
Age 12 points Offer a real job 10 points
Integration 10 points maximum 28 points
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The Canadian immigration have following visa categories.

Study permit (student visa)

Student visas are not needed for English language courses of up to 6 months or less, students from some countries anyway needing to come into temporary permit Visit (Visitor Visa).

Family class

This immigration category applies to persons who have been living in Canada. Under close family members fall under Canadian law spouse and life partner, spouse and spouse, grandparents and parents.

The close family members must enter into legally binding commitments in the form of a guarantee to support the immigrants until this an independent Canadian Income has found.

Business Class

As Canada, like nearly all other countries is also keen to bring successful entrepreneurs with their know-how in the country, there are immigration category Business Class.

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The provision of new jobs and thus resulting contribution to the economic and cultural well-being of Canada is a welcome reason for immigration, the Canadian authorities.

Skilled worker

People who wish to belong without the support of a family member and without the Business Class Canadian immigration belong to the category Skilled Worker Class Immigration.

The suitability as a Skilled Worker will be determined by the authorities with a points system. In the assessment are incorporated like age, work experience and any job offers in Canada. Also previous stays in the country bring pluses.

Permanent visa

For the attainment of Canadian citizenship, you must fulfill the following requirements: First, you need a permanent residence permit for Canada. As an immigrant in Canada, you must have the “permanent resident card” get it, you must have 3 lived 4 years in Canada to qualify as a Canadian citizen in question.

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After submitting your application, the process of naturalization between 5 months and several years may take, this depends on several factors. Have you already stayed in Canada before they settled permanently, you can half of that time towards your residency requirement if it falls within the 4 year span.

Important: Each Canadian provinces have their own immigration programs, to be brought about as skilled workers with special skills into the provinces.

Canadian Immigration in Urdu

Canadian immigration in Urdu

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