Hair care tips in urdu

hair careHairs are the sign of beauty for your head. So that’s very essential to pay proper attention on you hair care because if you wouldn’t care your hair they get dry and week. Here in this article we give you some hair care tips that how you can pay daily attention on your daily hair care.

Hair care tips

1.   After washing the hair or shampooing the hairs let them dry naturally don’t use hair dryer because hair dryer damage the hair humanity and wetness. Make hairs dry and unhealthy.

2.  Use shampoo on hairs according to need. Before washing the hairs wet them completely. Use a brush to lay off your hair twice or more a day, helping to massage the scalp and stimulate circulation.

3.   Massage your scalp daily using coarse hair brush and brush strokes were powerful and moving from the bottom and the top of any of the scalp to hair parties.

4.   Rinse your hair thoroughly and wash from shampoo to get the full gloss required. Massage the scalp with fingertips and gently during the washing and rinsing. Use a comb to comb hair and freeing it from the contract and dirt before washing. Use a wooden comb made ​​(wood inert material does not cause static charge in the hair).

5.   Must wash your hair properly whenever dirty to remove dust and skin secretions that appertain. If your hair is weak medical Use a shampoo that contains Panthenol material to nourish the hair follicles.

6.   Don’t use the elastic or rubber band to tight hairs because these things damage the hairs. Use cotton or cord bands for this purpose.

7.   Avoid washing with hot water so as not to lose to smoothness and luster of hairs. Don’t bind your hairs so tightly towards back side with hair band. because this act put pressure on your scalp and weak hairs from roots.

Hair care tips in urdu

Daily hair care tips in urdu

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