Facial hair removing tips

facial hair removing tipsEvery women want to remove unwanted hair from her facial skin and look beautiful and for that purpose many women’s used lasers, creams and waxes for removing unwanted facial hair.

Usually the young girls are facing these type of facial hair problems. These facial hairs appears in teen girls in age of 16. In some girls these hairs are too thin and light while in some these hairs are too thick and dark and can easily seem.

Here we write  facial hair removing tips and unwanted facial hair removing tips in Urdu for men and women’s. By adopting these facial hair removing tips you can easily remove unwanted facial hairs easily.

Hair removing tips

1. If you have thick, dark and hard facial hair then take 1 tbs yogurt and smoothly rub it on your facial skin. Rub yogurt toughly to extract hairs from roots after that wash you face with basin.

2. Some women’s that have dark and hard facial hair they used threading to remove hairs but this trick is not best for hair removing because by this process hairs start growing rapidly and more thick and dark then before.

3. If you want to remove facial hair without any effort then you can use waxing. By waxing hairs take some time to regrow and with the passage of time it stop hair growth ability if you used waxing regularly.

Facial hair removing tips

You can used following facial hair removing tips to remove unwanted hairs but this process is too much expensive and many women’s can’t afford it so here we are telling you some homemade and cheap facial hair removing tips for facial hair removal.

1. First of all give message of lemon sap to your facial skin for 20 minutes. After that again for 20 minutes give the message of milk cream to your facial skin after that take steam for 20 minutes and clean your facial skin with cotton batch.

2. Take the fresh orange peel and rub it on you face for 20 minutes if you feel Irritation on your skin then you are doing write otherwise you haven’t done the upper steps perfectly.

3. Now take 1 tsp egg albumin, 1 tsp honey and 2 tsp milk and make creamy paste of these things. Apply this mask on your facial skin for 30 minutes. And on drying dip cotton batch in milk and clean this mask from you facial skin from down to upward direction. After cleaning wash your facial skin with lukewarm water.

Facial hair removing tips in Urdu

facial hair removing tips in urdu

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