Facial hair removing tips

facial hair removing tipsEver one want to remove unwanted hair (read hair removing tips) from the face weather the man or women.

Different people use different methods for removing the facial hairs like some use facial hair removing tools, shaving creams, some are using waxes and most of other are used the laser technology for removing the facial hair (read hair removal methods) from their face.

Here we tell you facial hair removing tips and hair removing tips in Urdu etc to remove the unwanted facial hairs from your face.

Facial hair removing tips

Facial hair removing is the best process for removing the unwanted body hairs (read hair removal tips) but this process is too much expensive and most of women can’t afford the cost of this process.

So here we are submitting some cheap and best facial hair removing tips for men and women’s.

1. First of all get the facial of face and hands with lemon juice for 20 minutes. Now apply the cream after the lemon juice and get the facial message by cream for 20 minutes on face.

  • Avoid the area near the eyes and don’t apply any facial material in this area.

2. Now after that take the steam for 20 minutes. The best way for taking steam is to take water in bowl and boil it when the boiling starts the water vapors arises in the form of steam from the surface of water. Take towel inverted it from your head and cover your face.

3. Now clean the face and nose gently and slowly with cotton batch (no need to rush). Take the orange peel and rub on your face. If you feel resist and Irritation on your face then you process of facial hair removing is held in perfect stat.

If you doesn’t feel any irritation on face then you should leave any defect in your facial hair removing method. However, you should rub these orange peel on your face for 20 minutes.

4. Remember that you have always done the facial with the Index finger from the the downward to the upward direction. And also that you can’t remove you facial hair at once that with this facial hair removing (read hair removal methods) but this method take time.

5. If you use this hair removing tips 4 times in month then daily use yogurt masks on you face and wash you face properly with Basin.

6. You can remove about 75% of you facial hairs by this method in 3 month’s. So if you are stressed and Feeling inferior then start this process from today and get rid from your unwanted facial hairs (read armpit hair removal).

Facial hair removing tips in Urdu

facial hair removing tips in urdu

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