Hair removing tips

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hair removing tipsAs the age pass there come some natural changes in every women life along with that the tiny small hairs are also appears on their face.

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These facial hairs put negative impact on women’s beauty and look. Women’s use different methods like waxing, threading, epilator, depilatory creams or other hair removing methods for removing unwanted private body hairs.

But form these hair removing tips some time they wouldn’t get maximum results (Because women’s didn’t perform hair removing method monthly) and after some time the hairs come back which are thick and more prominent as compared to past.

Hair removing tips

If you want permanent hair removal, follow our following hair removing tips and get permanent rid form unwanted body hairs.

1. If you are doing waxing for hair removal then do it after every 15 days. Because this way of waxing can weak the hairs from root and stop them form growing again.

You can also take 6 to 8 session of “Oxygen Therapy” and “Blue Peel” for permanent hair removal.

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2. Make mask of mud mask (Multani clay), Fence tree resin, Turmeric paste (Ubtin) and rose sap. Apply this hair removal mask on your face for half an hour and after that wash the mask with rose sap.

Apply this mask twice monthly for better results.

3. This is one of the best and easy point for unwanted hair removal. Take fist (palm) of moisturizing milk or lotion also take pea sized vitamin A cream. Now mixed both the ingredients and make paste or mask. Now apply it for night on face and wash in morning.

Repeat the process continuously for 30 days for permanent hair removing.


It is essential for permanent hair removal that you should continue the method (waxing, threading, epilator or depilatory creams) of hair removing which you are using until the hair are weak from roots.

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If you leave the process in middle the hairs grow fast and thin.

Hair removing tips in Urdu

hair removing tips in Urdu

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