Home hair care remedies

home hair care remediesAs we grows up our hairs require different hair care than in previous years because not only the skin ages, but just the hair. At this age the hormone balance begins to change and the effect on the hair structure. Similarly, the nutrient balance and the current lifestyle drugs changed are no longer the hair available.

Many have discovered a new hobby for herself and her hair to make the, home hair care remedies themselves. This prepares not only fun, but at the same time the hair treatments can be tailored to personal needs and the hair receive the drugs that they really need.

Home hair care remedies

Here below the important recipes of home hair care remedies for dry, dull and rough hair care.

With a wheat germ oil and orange hair treatment, hair will be awarded again softness and shine. Take 2 capsules of vitamin E are cut open and the contents of half a squeezed orange, 4 tsp wheat germ oil, 2 tsp milk and curd stirred.

Now apply this home hair care mask on wet hairs and covered with a plastic cap and a warm towel, and should stand for 15 minutes. The hair is then rinsed and washed again with a mild shampoo.

Home remedies for dry hair

The Aloe Vera and avocado gives dry and stressed hair back softness, shine and moisture. This is achieved by an avocado meat from the core and the shell in order to be subsequently crushed by a fork. Including 2 tsp Aloe Vera gel, half a squeezed lemon and a tsp jojoba oil are stirred.

The aloe Vera and avocado conditioner is evenly distributed and massaged into washed hair. Down a plastic cap and a warm towel be placed. The conditioner should be able to affect 15 to 20 minutes after which the conditioner is thoroughly rinsed and washed with a shampoo.

These home hair care remedies can get everyone to be healthy strong and shiny hairs. These home hair care remedies should always be freshly prepared, and can be applied with in 24 hours.

Home hair care remedies in Urdu

Home hair care remedies in Urdu

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