Winter hair care tips

Hair care tips for winterThe secret of hair beauty is hidden in the softness, thickness and shining of hair and the shining become from the health of hair. If your hair are healthy, soft and thick then they give shiny look. Wash your hair properly and neatly can bring softness and shine in your hairs and if you wouldn’t wash your hair properly they become rough, dry and start break down. And it is more difficult to care the rough and dry hairs in winter.

If you want to pay attention on your hairs and give them proper hair care then read here winter hair care tips, hair care tips for winter in Urdu. By adopting these simple winter hair care tips you can make your rough and dry hairs smooth, soft and healthy.

Winter hair care tips

1. The healthy hair grow only on clean and dandruff free area or surface and hair can healthy if they get their proper nutrients and Vitamins from skull skin. Properly Comb you hairs as well as and give oil message to hairs can make the flow of blood fast and hair can utilizes proper amount of “Vitamin” from blood.

2. If you want healthy, soft and shiny hair then pay attention on your food. Intake those fruits, green vegetables and nutrients that contain proper amount of “Vitamins“. If you eat healthy food (Eggs, carrots, fruits and green vegetables) properly the specific amount of “Vitamins” mix in blood and these “Vitamins” increase beauty to your hairs.

3. IF you want that your hair look separate after washing them then give message of milk to your hairs from their roots. After that drop some drops of lemon juice in hot water and now give the message of this paste to your hairs. If you do so your hairs stop fall and look separate.

4. Take the coconut oil and add some lemon juice in it. Now give the message to your hair with this coconut oil and lemon juice mixture. After some days the dandruff gone from your skull and your hairs become shinny, soft and healthy.

5. If you want soft and shiny hair then before taking bath give the message to you hairs with oil (Mustered oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc). And after giving the proper message to your hairs with oil take the bath. This can make your hair soft and shiny as well as strong and prevent them from break down.

Winter hair care tips in Urdu

Winter hair care tips in urdu

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