Foot care tips

foot care tipsThe feet provide daily hard work. In the care they are among the body parts which are used as last consideration. Foot care is the alpha and omega for healthy feet.

It is not hard to maintain his feet and get healthy. The care of the feet may be associated with a cozy movie night a night on which the partner is traveling with friends.

Here we write foot care tips for men and women, by reading foot care tips, you can make your feet soft and beautiful.

Foot care tips

1. In professional circles, is called the foot care and pedicure. In the first step the feet get a foot bath, which relaxes and prepares for the upcoming maintenance.

  • Warm water with the addition re-greasing vegetable oils and deodorizing essential oils stimulate the skin and make it smooth. Remove cornea is the next step following the foot bath.

2. Cuts the nails that have ended over the toe. This is useful, because long nails interfere when running in closed shoes.

  • Brown or white yellowish discoloration of the nails indicate fungal nail down. The next step is the filing of the nails and removing the cuticle.

3. Finally, the any care cream is applied. New on the market is the pedicure foam. This intensive penetrates into the skin and gives the skin a pleasant feeling feet.

4. In addition to foot care foam contained olive oil and chamomile oil, aloe Vera and Panthenol.

5. To daily foot care nursing with foam is perfect after a day of sun protection and moisture sensor for the feet.

  • Foam provides feet skin the necessary ingredients that protects against inflammation and other irritations.

Foot care tips in Urdu

Foot care in Urdu

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