Foot care tips

foot care tipMostly we ignore our foot area while we are caring our our body parts like hands, face and hairs. But our feet give us balance to for walking and standing and our whole life is dependable of feet. As we know in if we don’t give proper care to our skin then our skin loses moisture and elasticity as a result our skin become dry, ugly and dark. You may also know that it is too difficult to dry skin care as compared to normal skin. So we should have to give proper care to our feet to make them clean, soft and healthy. Here we are giving some foot care tips for you, feet care tips and care tips for feet in Urdu. With the help of these foot care tips you can make your feet soft and healthy.

Foot care tips

1.   You should give proper foot care to your feet daily to put them healthy and soft. Wash your feet 2 to 3 time in a day to clean them from dust and you can made you feet soft by applying good care lotions and creams. If you wouldn’t care you feet then on your feet toes and ankles skin cracked sings are appear which are too difficult to handle and care.

2.   Tired and stressed feet can put pressure on your mental health and for that purpose you can take foot bath. If your feet swelled after traveling long distance on feet then take lukewarm water mixed some salt in it and dip you feet in this solution for some time.

3.   If you feet skin wet out with sweet while you wearing socks or shoes then mix uric powder in water and dip your feet for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes clean your feet with soft cloth and apply talcum powder.

4.   If you feel smell from your feet then in foot bath add few drops special oils like rose, mustard oil or launder oil. Get comfortable from mental stress, tension and headache take some water in tub and add ginger or lemon sap in and put your feet for 15 to 20 minutes in this mixture.

5.   Mix equal amount caster oil and lemon sap and give message of this mixture to your ankle and claw with this mixture and after 20 minutes wash your feet with solution of bicarbonate soda and lukewarm water.

Foot care tips in Urdu

foot care tips in urdu

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