Hands and feet care

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Hand and foot careHand and feet are the sign of beauty for every one and ever one want healthy hands and feet.

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If you want to get your hands and feet beautiful and healthy then you should give them proper care.

Here we are giving some hands and feet care tips for men and women. You can make you hands and feet beautiful and healthy by following these hands and feet care tips which are submitted below.

Hands and feet care

If you want beautiful and soft hands and feet then you should pay attention and fallow these hands and feet care tips.

1. Take on tub of hot water and put 1 tsp table salt, 2 lemon and washing soap. Now put you hands and feet in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes.

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Rub you hands and feet with the brush to clean them. This trick can make hands and feet clean, soft and beautiful.

2. Daily wash your hands and feet for 2 time with good soap and give them nourishment and moisture with cream or Vaseline.

This also make your hands and feet  soft and beautiful.

3. Rub lemon peel on your hands and feet and wash with soap after that apply butter or cream on your hands and feet.

Give your hands and feet proper care with masks. Masks make you hands and feet skin soft and elastic.

4. Take 1 tsp yogurt and 1 tsp basin mix them and make a paste. Apply this past on you hands and feet skin after 10 to 15 minutes wash them with lukewarm water and apply any care cream and lotion on your hands and feet.

5. For dry hand and foot make a paste of glycerin, rose sap and lemon juice and apply this paste on you hands and feet. On drying wash with soap and water.

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This give your dry feet and hands skin moisture and elasticity.

Hands and feet care in Urdu

hands and feet care in urdu

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