Makeup types

makeup typesFor the modern woman’s makeup is always a faithful companion in everyday life. The makeup helps women to highlight the own merits to make them feel comfortable and attractive. So there is for every woman, every situation and every outfit a matching makeup.

The color design of skin and hair is not a product of modern times. The Grace of the body is probably as old as mankind. In cave paintings around the world skin decorations are seen on the figures. In various African nations this old body ornaments are also still used today. Here we write makeup types for you, from these makeup types you can know well about makeup and about its importance.

Makeup types

Although most people think of when it comes to cosmetics makeup, there are many other makeup types. Makeup helps people to hide blemishes and other blemishes, but also serves as camouflage or cultural representation.

Cosmetics makeup

The Cosmetic makeup is usually referred to as makeup and is an ornamental body jewelry which serves to increase the aura of a person. Typical products include eye shadow, nail polish, lipstick and facial makeup.

Medicine makeup

With medical makeup to burn scars, port wine stains, burns and other skin can hide. The costs are usually covered by health insurance.

Stage makeup

The Stage Makeup aims to encourage the artistic form of expression. A popular example is the pantomime, in which the makeup is used for negation the facial features of the actor.

Movie makeup

The movie makeup based in the meantime the current fashion trends. Not infrequently, however, several “make genres” are combined or create entirely unique creations.

Culture makeup

The color coding of the skin has specific roles in various cultures. You can belonging to a religious, musical, or ethical group, including Gothic, Punk, or Visual signal.

Makeup types in Urdu

Makeup types in Urdu

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