Quick makeup tips

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fast makeup tipsOften when women’s or young girls are going to attend the party or functions, and they get late.

Due to lack of time girls wouldn’t ready themselves with perfect makeup, even some time they have to postponed to attend party or function.

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You can make your self beautiful and perfect with makeup in just minutes. You have to just fallows our quick makeup tips for getting perfect makeup in 5 minutes.

Quick makeup tips

For getting beautiful and attractive look in just 5 minutes fallow the fallowing step by step quick makeup tips.

1. Moist skin, and remember to moisturize the skin a simple step, but more importantly, using a spray humidifier. Put cream basis for preparing the skin to lay the basis of skin cream and concealer, and this is important to narrow pores.

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2. Put concealer all of what you want to hide dark circles and on other facial areas preferably with fingertips.

  • Put powder to give more brilliant lighting and luster to your face, and focus to be on the blades cheeks and chin.

3. Put the right eye shadow to the color of your skin and your clothing. Use Brow pencil to fill voids and they look like the eyebrows to give exact and clear.

4. Identified lips by identifying and lips so as to grant them a definite form, then lips and polished with lipstick.

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5. Don’t look beautiful and natural without mascara, apply mascara on eyelashes with soft hands.

  • Be careful while applying mascara on eyelashes because the extra use of mascara can expend and effect the makeup.

Quick makeup tips in Urdu

Quick makeup tips in Urdu

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