Long nails care tips

Nail care tipsWho had not to wish for long and strong nails but if you put long finger nails they crack down and break. Long nails comes as fashion trends and many women put long nail to impress others.

Women use different types of nail polishes in different colors to give attractive look to their nails (read nail care tips).

But doing so they didn’t remember that they have to care their nails properly to keep them healthy (read nails care tips).

Because nail polishes contain chemicals which damage our nail surface and the skin area around them and as a result the nails become irregular in shape and break down.

Do you dream of getting long and strong fingernails? Strong and long nails (read strong nails care tips) are not a distant dream, if you suffer from cracking and break nails try our long nails care tips and long nails care tips in Urdu.

Long nails care tips

1. Make sure to eat foods rich in nutrients that the body needs for the growth and health of nails, most notably calcium, iron, and zinc.

    Make sure you trim your nails properly to avoid exposure to breakage and damage.

2. Make sure to moisturize your hands and nails with moisturizing cream especially before going to sleep, and after removing nail polish until the nail does not look pale.

3. Use a nail polish or nail polish of good quality appropriate to maintain the strength of your nails.

  • The frequent use of cheap nail polish contains ingredients may be harmful to the health and shape of the nails in the long term.

5. Nail biting is a bad habit not to mention the impact of the habit to distort the shape of nails and hands in general.

  • Nail biting , means for the transmission of bacteria and germs to the body through the mouth, Be sure completely stop this nail biting habit if you want to get long and strong nails.

6. Olive oil is a natural remedy to the problem of cracking and weakness nails. Olive oil give nourishment and moisturizer to your nails, Olive oil also contains important “Vitamins” which are best for healthy nails (read nails care at home).

Long nails care tips in Urdu

Nail care tips in Urdu

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