Nail care at home

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Nail care at homeUsually when greeting hands are shaken and, incidentally, is also an eye cast on the hand of the opponent. Especially with strangers can view this explain a lot.

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Who indeed wearing a brand suit, but has dirt under the fingernails, does not leave a good impression on the new acquaintance with unkempt nails.

To a sophisticated exterior, of course, also includes well kept, beautiful nails. Here are some nail care tips for both women and men brittle nails.

Nail care at home

To give your brittle and weak nails proper care, read care fully following home nail care tips.

1. Important for every nail care is the regularity. Since not only the hands but also the nails need moisture, it is advisable to purchase a hand cream with glycerin.

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Glycerol retaining moisture. This Glycerol is for clean hands and fingernails, so it should be creamed several times a day.

2. Edit fingernails with scissors, is not advisable, as they easily break through the cutting. To shorten the nails, a sand or glass file is being used. It is becoming ever filed from the outside to the center. By a change of direction, the nails can split.

3. Superfluous cuticle is pushed back gently with the cuticle pusher or a cotton swab. That the neat and stylish nails is not as fast break, under the nail paint a base coat is applied.

In addition, gloves should be worn to protect the long nails (read long nails care tips) while cleaning and housework.

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4. A natural shine get the nails when they are regularly bathed in lukewarm olive oil and rubbed shiny after a bath with a nail polisher.

Nail care at home in Urdu

Nail care tips at home in UrduNail care tips at home in Urdu

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